Today, I decided to take a stab at machine learning. I was on my intermission week anyway and thought I could take the liberty to branch out a little.

So I went off hiking the trail of machine learning with high hopes and new boots. I packed my laptop and notebook and went to my favorite study cafe. Five hours later, I came stumbling back home, almost sinking into a troubled unconsciousness.

ML was anything beyond anything I had attempted before (outside the realm of Ruby). There were some increasingly difficult concepts to warm to, like gradient descent and Markov decision process. There would be harder seeds to split open in unopened resources.

It came as a small shock to me to realize that this wasn’t going to be even remotely like a well-structured, bite-sized tutorial that I’ve become accustomed to from my coding bootcamp.

Despite my befuddled thought about ML, I won’t abolish my attempt to understand it yet. Input the right attitude and learning atmosphere, ML will reveal hidden layers of understanding and insight about data analysis.

I fear that my cerebral efforts today might vaporize overnight. Probably it will. In a warped way though, being ignorant (temporarily) can be a strong motivator to pursue further learning.